Web & Graphic Designer..... Creating Clean Modern Responsive Intelligent Engaging Designs, With Futureproof Scaling & Management.

Web Design

Since 1995, web technology research and design, encompassing all aspects of creating web content.... web-sites to embedded devices.

Modern progressive effective current and cutting-edge programming and maintaining web deployments.  Web site clouds on the global Internet network.  Modern resposive technologies, enabling intelligent delivery to the dynamics of the real world, on any Internet enabled device today - cell phones, personal technologies, laptops, tablets, iphone, ipad, ipod, Adroid, Smartphones, Big screen TV, Signage, Embedded....

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UI / UX Design

UI design is the design of mobile software applications with the focus on the user's experience and interaction.

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Typography & Pyhcology

Combined research disciplines enabled me to create a unique advantage to my content delivery desiugns.  Skilled experinces, in the art and technique of arranging type combined with known human mind functionality research, enables engaging, appealing designs.

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  • Resposive eCommerse Front-End Cloud
  • Tier 1 Gourmet IT Cloud & Management - Regional - National - Local
  • Foodie Fun Resposive Mobile Cloud
  • Cuisine Engaging Resposive Mobile Lifestyle Cloud
  • healthycare Cloud Front-End, Back-End Complete Business IT System With Management
  • Tier 1 Metrofoods IT Cloud & Management
  • Coffer Shop, WiFi Cafe Cloud & Management Support
  • Yoga Cloud Free Website Front-End - Just Pay Low Monthly Managed Hosting Fee
  • Metro Foods Cloud - Resposive Front-End Integrated Back-End Full Stack Complete Enterprice IT Systems Cloud - Inventory, UPC Bar Coding, Employee Tracking...Online Published Q-Coupons, Q-Code....
  • Upscale Car Auto Truck Service Garage Cloud With Managed Hosting
  • Clouds - Small Business - Midsize - Enterprice - Internet - IT Clouds & Wholesale Rackspace, Hosting, & Management - Available Team Player
  • Upscale Car Dealership Cloud - Everything - Front-End Back-End Inventory Real-Time, Complete IT Cloud Hosting & Manangement.
  • Travel Stroe, Traveler Service, Traveling Blog Cloud & Management
  • Spam, Wellness Center, &Skincare Professional Services Provider Cloud & Management

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