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iOS Apps

Distributing an iOS App outside the Apple Computer 'Mac App Store'.  When an iOS App is not distributed through the 'Mac App Store', use an Apple issued 'Developer ID' certificate when distributing the app; providing the general public user, assurance you are an Apple-identified developer.

Mac users have the option of turning on 'Gatekeeper', a security feature enabling users with the ability to install software only from the 'Mac App Store' and Apple-identified developers.

If your app is not Apple signed with a Apple-issued 'Developer ID' certificate, then it will not launch on a Mac with the 'Gatekeeper' software functionality enabled.

To avoid this situation, sign your apps and installer packages, using an Apple 'Developer ID' certificate.

Thoroughly test the end-user experience using a 'Gatekeeper'-enabled Mac, before distributing your app outside of the Mac App Store.

Apple Xcode is used to create and test Developer ID-signed apps for distribution outside the Mac App Store.

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